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Coopers Insurance Agency Blog: labor law

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Do you know how to handle the Final Paycheck of an employee who has not shown up to their shift? When an individual you employ does not come in to work, it is STILL YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the business owner to ensure you attempt to communicate with him/her regarding his/her last paycheck. READ MORE >>

Would you like to know how having a Love Contract is essential to your business and minimizing Lawsuits/Claims?  These are put in place to possibly reduce Sexual Harassment lawsuits/claims, which are increasing in occurrence these days, and include a large array of variables! READ MORE >>

A complete Employee Handbook is an essential tool for business owners, used to enforce consistent procedures among your business' employees. It is very important to note, however, that an INCOMPLETE/INACCURATE Employee Handbook can seriously work against you, the business owner! READ MORE >>

Falling in love is never a bad thing, is it? How about if it happens at work? According to a recent study, over 70% of employees today have had some sort of work-place relationship, and over 50% of workers met their spouses on the job. As beautiful as found love may be, it's not always a good thing for everyone involved. READ MORE >>

Does your business have a clear attendance policy? Have your employees all signed this agreement? When an employee does not show up to work their scheduled shift, the situation is more serious than just a missed work shift. Some of the most common reasons for lawsuits under Wrongful Termination relate to employee attendance. READ MORE >>

The requirements for Employee Postings in a business vary based on the type of business you are operating and can differ depending on county, state and federal labor laws. There are some postings that all businesses must visibly display - others are specific to certain establishments. READ MORE >>

An IIPP, or Injury and Illness Prevention Program, is a requirement of Title 8 (CA Regulations) for California Employers.  This program can greatly reduce your business' work safety claims, and your Workers' Compensation Ex. Mod. and Premium! A good IIPP will include the following: READ MORE >>

Last week we extended an invitation from Landegger Baron Law Group for their wonderful and invaluable monthly Employment Law seminars to all of Coopers Insurance Agency's clients. Today, we share some more insights from these informative discussions, specifically a list of Acceptable/Unacceptable Employment Inquiries that is vital knowledge for any employer. READ MORE >>

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